Proto Buffers (Brinsop – VCC14)

VoxPbWDSProviderProtocol.proto1930.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.proto1660.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.html4090.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbRoutingProtocol.proto1480.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbRoutingProtocol.html2930.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.proto1630.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.html2850.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.proto1540.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.html3700.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbExampleProtocol.html2030.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbDialerProtocol.proto1320.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbDialerProtocol.html2680.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.proto1870.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.html5970.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.proto1590.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.html9490.2 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.proto1450.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.html2080.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbAutoUpdateProtocol.proto1310.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbAutoUpdateProtocol.html1920.0 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers (Cawthorne – VCC16)

VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.proto1310.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.html1620.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbRoutingProtocol.proto1250.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbRoutingProtocol.html16270.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.proto1190.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.html1450.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.proto1290.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.html1450.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbDialerProtocol.proto1180.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbDialerProtocol.html1210.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.proto1690.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.html2190.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.proto1300.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.html2400.2 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.proto1170.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.html1440.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbAutoUpdateProtocol.proto1170.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbAutoUpdateProtocol.html1150.0 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers (Euflamm- VCC18)

VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.proto480.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.html590.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbRoutingProtocol.proto570.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbRoutingProtocol.html620.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.proto440.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.html750.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.proto600.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.html470.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbDialerProtocol.proto490.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbDialerProtocol.html690.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.proto640.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.html630.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.proto460.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.html470.2 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.proto440.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.html510.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbAutoUpdateProtocol.proto380.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbAutoUpdateProtocol.html440.0 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers .NET Assemblies (Brinsop – VCC14)

protobuf-net.xml1490.2 MB5 hours
protobuf-net.dll1520.2 MB5 hours
VoxTcpIpMsgClient20.dll2470.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.dll1600.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.dll1630.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.dll1360.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.dll1480.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.dll1430.2 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.dll1400.0 MB5 hours
VoxLogNET10.dll2230.0 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers .NET Assemblies (Cawthorne – VCC16) – Any CPU

VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.dll1410.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.dll1270.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.dll1210.2 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.dll1270.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.dll1290.2 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.dll1270.0 MB5 hours
VoxLog.dll1420.0 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers .NET Assemblies (Cawthorne – VCC16) – x64

VoxTcpIpMsgClient.dll1520.0 MB5 hours
ChilkatDotNet2.dll14210.8 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers .NET Assemblies (Cawthorne – VCC16) – x86

VoxTcpIpMsgClient.dll1650.0 MB5 hours
ChilkatDotNet2.dll1448.2 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers .NET Assemblies (Euflamm- VCC18) – Any CPU

VoxPbWDSClientProtocol.dll430.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMonitoringProtocol.dll400.0 MB5 hours
VoxPbMessageProtocol.dll440.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbCommonProtocol.dll380.1 MB5 hours
VoxPbClientProtocol.dll420.2 MB5 hours
VoxPbCTIProtocol.dll420.0 MB5 hours
VoxLog.dll460.0 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers .NET Assemblies (Euflamm- VCC18) – x64

VoxTcpIpMsgClient.dll400.0 MB5 hours
ChilkatDotNet2.dll3910.1 MB5 hours

Proto Buffers .NET Assemblies (Euflamm- VCC18) – x86

VoxTcpIpMsgClient.dll370.0 MB5 hours
ChilkatDotNet2.dll417.7 MB5 hours

Database Documentation (Anantaboga – VCC11)
To view a .chm file, first go to the file properties an click the unblock button on the bottom of the general tab

Voxtron10_Warehouse.chm2972.1 MB5 hours
Voxtron10.chm2802.2 MB5 hours

Database Documentation (Brinsop – VCC14)
To view a .chm file, first go to the file properties an click the unblock button on the bottom of the general tab

Voxtron10_Warehouse.chm963.6 MB5 hours
Voxtron10_Files.chm760.1 MB5 hours
Voxtron10.chm923.6 MB5 hours
Upgrading CC80 to CC90.pdf2190.2 MB2016-03-15
01 Migration CC80 to CC90.sql910.0 MB5 hours

Database Documentation (Cawthorne – VCC16)
To view a .chm file, first go to the file properties an click the unblock button on the bottom of the general tab

Voxtron_Database_Cawthorne.chm18010.2 MB5 hours
Voxtron_Database_Cawthorne (2017 update).chm643.3 MB2018-05-18

SDK Documentation (Brinsop – VCC14)

WCS Sample - PHPCustomer.zip3480.7 MB2015-09-07
WCS Sample - ASPCustomer.zip3550.7 MB2015-09-07
VoxtronDotNetSDK35.dll2960.2 MB5 hours
VoxtronDotNETSDK35 - html doc.zip6250.5 MB5 hours
VCCWCS-SDK.pdf9060.7 MB2016-03-15
VCC Sample - Parameter usage.crd1920.0 MB5 hours
VCC Documentation - Voxtron - Brinsop - VCC Administration SDK Quick Start.pdf6830.8 MB2016-03-15
VCC Custom Report SDK.pdf2440.3 MB2016-03-15
VCC Campaign SDK.pdf3130.9 MB2016-03-15
VCC - CC90 - Voxtron Client SDK.pdf13121.4 MB2016-03-15
PbTCPIPSimulator.exe2203.0 MB5 hours

SDK Documentation (Cawthorne – VCC16)

VoxtronDotNetSDK35.dll2250.2 MB5 hours
VoxtronDotNETSDK35 - html doc.zip6070.5 MB5 hours
VoxtronClientExample.zip22811.7 MB5 hours
VCC16 - CC91 - Voxtron Client SDK.pdf101.7 MB23 days 8 hours
VCC Campaign SDK.pdf2691.1 MB5 hours
Address book SDK.pdf2970.4 MB2016-08-22

SDK Documentation (Euflamm- VCC18)

VCC18 - CC100 - Voxtron Client SDK.pdf251.7 MB23 days 8 hours

PBX Compatibility

Overview.xlsx9270.0 MB5 hours


JIRA Dev Support.mp414633.2 MB2015-10-23

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