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Developer.voxtron.com is first and foremost a blog (site) aimed at developers that work with, and extend, the Voxtron Communication Center,  in large or small projects. Any developer who has valuable contributions that might help other developers to improve our product are welcome to provide content. Users of our software we kindly point to the website www.voxtron.com and or partner.voxtron.com where you can find additional resources for our software.

Articles must be written in english and should be complete in such a way that you may assume the audience are skilled developers that know our product, but you provide sufficient context on the problem and the solution.

If you have any other ideas on how to improve this community for Voxtron developers, please send all your ideas to wim.van.houts@voxtron.com for review.

Developers with sufficient reputation will get a custom account for working on this blog. Accounts can be requested by sending a mail to wim.van.houts@voxtron.com.

Before submitting any article, post or comment, please remember



Please note that all posted articles and comments are subject to review and approval before they will appear on this website. The Voxtron Factory and the responsible(s) for this site have the right to refuse any content it deems not suitable for this site, without any justification. Any content you publish on this site is in the public domain and will never imply any kind of renumeration from any of the Voxtron organisations.

When referring, using or copying other texts or images or any kind of digital media that is found on the internet, or from any other source, make sure you are not violating any copyright or usage statements. Articles that violate any kind of intellectual property will be removed. Most of the time, referring to your sources is sufficient, and it is statement of appreciation for the original author at the same time.

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