SQL Server configuration with Windows Authentication

When you are installing a VCC module, you’ll need to make a connection to a SQL Database. This connection is configured in the Installation Center. The first time you run the Installation Center a window should be prompted to enter the configuration. If you missed it then you are still able to change the configuration under “Tools > SQL Connection manager”.


There are two methods of authentication supported: SQL authentication and Windows Authentication.

For SQL Authentication, simply fill the username and password and click on “Verify and save connection properties…”. Afterwards you should receive three popups telling you that the login is valid.

For Windows Authentication use “trusted” (case insensitive) as username and leave the password blank. This will use a Windows user account to connect to the Database. By default is this the “Local System”. You can change the user to login as a different Domain User.
If you want to change the user, go the “Service Explorer” (can be found in “Task Manager > Services > Open Services” or “Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services”), go the VCC module (typically starts with VCC followed by the module name), right click and choose “Properties”.

Next go the the tab “Log on”, choose “This account” and click “Browse…”.


select Object type, location and object name.
Make sure that the selected user is part of the same domain as your Database.
permissionFinally, give the selected user permission the write in the Program Files. Without the permission will the module not be able the write any log files. The permissions can be given in “Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts > Manage User Accounts”.



This will be available in all modules that have an upgrade package with a date greater than 1 November 2015.

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