How to do reporting OLA the right way?

In WebCenter 1.1.47 we changed the way how OLA is applied to reports.

Here’s a recap for reporting:

  1. To allow user (actually user’s profile) to view/modify/delete certain type of reports the appropriate checkboxes must be checked in STAT10 section on Access rights tab on Role details page.
  2. To allow user to view certain report of specific report type checkox in „Reporting“ column of appropriate object in CC90 section on Access rights tab on Role details page must be checked.

Missing any of the above mentioned cases can easily by recognized in the user interface.

  • If the view/modify/delete access right (1.) in STAT10 section is missing then the report type link is not displayed in the left menu.
  • If the Reporting access right for certain objects (2.) is missing then the list of available reports is empty, and the „Add new report“ button is disabled.
  • If both above cases are satisfied, and a certain report is still missing in the list, then the „Specific reports“ option is selected on the Reports tab of the profile details page and the missing report is not among the selected.

Since various reports displays various objects it’s important to know for which objects „Reporting“ access right is required in CC90 module. Here is the mapping:

Report type Object(s)
Agent reports Users, Contact codes, Teams, Pause reasons
Campaign reports Campaigns
Contact code reports Contact codes
Custom reports N/A
Custom report definitions N/A
General reports
Login reports Queues
Queue reports Queues
Skill reports Skills
Team reports Teams, Contact codes
ERM mailbox reports Mailbox management
IVR call reports N/A
VXML reports N/A

To be able to view a custom report, view access right must be selected in the role of the user’s profile. There is no access right checking for objects in custom reports, since it’s not possible to check which objects are going to appear in the reports before report creation. And for managing Cutom Report Definitions user have to have the appropriate (Manage) access right selected.

For the IVR and VXML reports there is no „Reporting“ option on Roles page (little inconsistency, but relatively justified), and only „Allow access to reports“ setting on „IVR call reports“  or „VXML call reports“ tab on the Reporting tab of Profile details must be selected to be able to view these report types.

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