Single Channel Recording

What is a single channel?

Each contact center call consists out of two channels:

  • One from the agent to the customer
  • One from the customer to the agent

If we would listen to the first channel, we would hear the agent but not the customer.

Why recording a single channel?

If we want to analyze the quality of the calls in our contact center, we can run analysis software (e.g. ITSonix VocalCoach) on recorded calls.

In order to let the software figure out who is saying what, the speech of the agent and customer should be recorded in a different file.

How to record a single channel?

The VoxSpeechAnalysis plugin can be used to record independent channels of a conversation.

In order for this to work, the agent and customer should be placed together in a conference (i.e. tromboning).

You can specify when to start and stop recording using plugin functions provided by the VoxSpeechAnalysis plugin. On each channel, only the incoming audio will be recorded. If no stop command is called, the recording will stop automatically when the call has terminated.

It is also possible to specify a name for the recording (e.g. based on the contact id). If no name is provided, a unique name will be generated by the plugin.


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