Configuring SQL Mirroring Failover for VCC Services

In the Voxtron Communication Center it is possible to configure the services to use a SQL mirroring failover. This can however not be done with the Installation Center and has to be done manually.

The first step is to open Regedit.exe. Then you need to go to the registry key for the service. For example, for a CC90, this could be “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\ContactCenterService_9_0$CC_9_0”. There you need to edit the value “ImagePath”. This contains the location of the service executable and the command line parameters that are used to start the service. To set the SQL mirroring failover you must add the command line parameter “DB_MIRROR”, for example:

Since there are three databases in the system, which might run on different servers, each of them has to be foreseen of a mirroring specification. The other parameter names are -FS_MIRROR for the filestore and -WH_MIRROR for the warehouse (only needed in case these are used by the module that you are modifying!)

From then on when the service is started again it will have the SQL mirroring failover configured. The change will not affect a running service so you will need to restart the service for the change to take effect.

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  1. In order to have the VccWebServer connected to the mirrored database, you can configure the connection settings in Internet Information Services Manager. Add the property “Failover Partner=servername or IP-address;” to the connection string.
    Sample :
    Data Source=;Failover Partner=;Initial Catalog=voxtron10;Integrated Security=False;User ID=sa;Password=……..;Application Name=VccWebCenter
    You have to do this for all connection strings of the VccWebServer webwite.

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