Voxtron products always focused on extensibility by the use of open standards, an accessible architecture, several plug-ins and many different SDK’s.

Today, the number of people developing and working on a solution based on the Voxtron Communication Center is getting larger. I think large enough to start a small community to share ideas and thoughts. For this reason I started this community site in which I hope to group all things developers know about the product, hints for using the SDK’s, but also general development topics that might be helpfull in the process of software development. But it is not all about writing new software. At some point, software can have those hidden features or unexpected behaviour, which are sometimes simple, but unfortunately can also be very hard in some cases. This blog is also about helping advanced users to find these complex issues. Finally, SDK’s and options that are provided by te product sometimes lead to new ways of using the product that we did not foresee (aka hacks). As long as it is not an abuse, we will be glad to share your creative inventions.

So it is best to make sure that if you type something, it is available to as much people as possibly can. This blog is not only for developers from The Voxtron Factory, or not even limited to Voxtron companies. We welcome any article from any developer that works on a regular basis with our software.

As I explained in the about section, we will work via a controlled process, but if you feel like you have something to contribute, do not hesitate to share!

Please note that this site is not a support site or a support forum for regular Voxtron partners or Voxtron product users. For these people, we have other dedicated channels for providing the necessary support and information. Contact your Voxtron sales company or Voxtron partner to get this information.

(Image and quote from the articles and references by Scott Hanselman)

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